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2008 Gold Circle School Partnership Award


Patricia Marchi has been Acres Edge Earth Products, Inc accountant for the past three years. Her professionalism, business attitude, care and devotion to us has been unrivaled. She takes the time to explain all our options, choices, and paths to us. Patty is expertly versed in the everyday doings of the tax world. She always has time to talk us through every step of all processes.
We rest easy knowing Patty is our accountant. Her easy going, loving personality makes all the difference in the world. There hasn't been any questions or troubles we have had, she has not been able to make light of. Patty always has time to answer any of our questions or phone calls.
Patty has stood head above all the rest. She has made a dreary undertaking, a comfortable easy going time. There has not been any undertaking she has not been willing to tackle, and with a smile. We are very lucky to have Patty in our corner. There is no comparison to any other accountant. She is a wonderful, caring expert who will always do right by us.
Her expertise in financial management, she always has our interest at heart. She is always in the look out for your future.

Thank you for everything, Patty.
We all love you here at Acres Edge Earth Products, Inc.

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